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Enterprises are leveraging Amazon EC2 as the IaaS platform to deploy the Kubernetes (k8s) clusters. However integrating with AWS networking, IPAM / DNS, application security, and authorization for user access can be challenging. With built-in integration with AWS and other public cloud APIs, Avi automates application services including load balancing, security and analytics for your k8s applications. Avi's Multi-Cloud Application Services extend application delivery for k8s clusters on AWS to on-prem data centers, making migration to cloud easier.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Native integration with AWS for ingress, IPAM, DNS, and more
  • Application autoscaling, security, and access authorization
  • SSL and WAF configuration to secure the application

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Bhushan Pai HeadshotBhushan Pai is an automation enthusiast, interested in designing and verifying product integrations. As a Solutions Architect at Avi Networks, he focuses on container ecosystems and builds demo environments to showcase products.

Lei Yang HeadshotLei Yang is Head of Product and Solutions Marketing at Avi Networks, keen on leveraging technologies to address customer use cases. She brings years of engineering and product marketing experience from Tintri and Cisco, focusing on networking, storage, DevOps, and containers. She received a MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.