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Deliver Elastic Kubernetes Services and Ingress Controller

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A single platform for consolidated traffic management, security, and observability in Kubernetes clusters.

Enterprises require a scalable, real-world-tested, and robust services fabric to deploy microservices applications in elastic Kubernetes/OpenShift clusters in production environments. This white paper provides an overview of the challenges and the requirements for such application services and explains how the VMware NSX® Advanced Load Balancer™ (by Avi Networks) provides a proven solution to deploy container-based workloads in production environments using elastic cloud Kubernetes/OpenShift clusters.

  • Ingress Controller
  • Multi-cluster, multi-site elastic container service for Kubernetes
  • Dynamic service discovery
  • Application performance monitoring and analytics
  • Traffic management local and global load balancing
  • Advanced network and application security
  • Integrated DNS and IPAM
  • Performance based Kubernetes elastic autoscaling

Download our white paper to learn how Avi delivers a service mesh and an application services fabric for elastic Kubernetes clusters.