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If you have the product licenses and are ready to deploy Avi, our load balancing tutorials give you in-depth product information to deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot applications.
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Start here for an introduction to modern, advanced load balancing.

Virtual Service

Learn about modern load balancing starting with the basics of virtual services and application profiles. Dive deeper into service ports, virtual hosting, SSL profiles and encryption, TCP/UDP/L4/DNS profiles, load balancer algorithms, and health monitoring.


Virtual Service Part 1

Virtual Service and App profile


Virtual Service Part 2

Service Ports, Virtual Hosting, SSL/Certs


Virtual Service Part 3

L4/DNS VS, TCP/UDP profiles


Virtual Service Part 4

Pools, health monitors, algorithms, persistence and SSL encryption


Virtual Service Part 5

Autoplacement, analytics, and evaluating failures

Understanding the Architecture

Learn about using cloud connectors to build resilient multi-cloud architectures with tips for service engine groups and high availability modes. Dig deeper into service engine failure detection, scale out mechanisms, BGP support and more.


Architecture Part 1

Explore deployment, resiliency and integrations using cloud connectors.


Architecture Part 2

Tips for service engine groups, high availability modes, and data plane resiliency.


Architecture Part 3

Dig into the service engine failure detection, scale out mechanisms, BGP support and more.

Manipulating Traffic Flows

Learn how to manipulate traffic flows with network security and HTTP policies, and how to customize policies using DataScripts.


Traffic Flows Part 1

Manipulate traffic flow with network security and HTTP policies.


Traffic Flows Part 2

How to customize your policies using DataScript.


Learn how to troubleshoot your modern, multi-cloud load balancing using Avi's built-in advanced analytics.


Troubleshooting Part 1

Get a basic understanding of how to troubleshoot the data plane.


Troubleshooting Part 2

Get a basic understanding of troubleshooting in the control plane.

Events and Alerts


Events and Alerts

Learn about event types, definitions and alerts.