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Application Delivery Automation with Load Balancers and WAF

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Application Delivery Automation Whitepaper


This whitepaper outlines the importance and key considerations of application delivery automation for application-centric enterprises deploying apps in a mix of private data centers and multiple public clouds.

Enterprises simply cannot afford the operational inefficiencies and management challenges of fleets of legacy load balancing appliances. They need intelligent decision automation and consistent networking services across multi-cloud environments that eliminates silos caused by load balancing appliances in the data center, virtual ADCs in the cloud, or open source solutions for container networking.

Some of the key challenges and considerations addressed in this application delivery automation whitepaper include:

  • The vast chasm between APIs and automated application delivery management such as load balancing automation, multi-cloud automation and WAF security automation.
  • Deploying applications and ensuring consistent end user experience with decision automation across the entire lifecycle of an application.
  • Lack of automated failure recovery to achieve consistent application availability when using legacy load balancing appliances.
  • Automating service discovery to detect services in microservices applications.

Download the application delivery automation whitepaper to see how your organization can automate application delivery easily with VMware NSX® Advanced Load Balancer™ (by Avi Networks).