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How to migrate from Legacy Load Balancers to NSX Advanced Load Balancer

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Legacy Load Balancers to NSX Advanced Load Balancer Guide


Learn how the Avi config converter tool provides a smooth and automated migration from your existing load balancing solution to Avi

Global corporations across all industries have replaced over 12,000 hardware appliance-based ADCs by migrating to the Avi platform. Digital business initiatives are driving enterprises to upgrade their application delivery capabilities. Automation, self-service, elastic-scale, and seamless multi-cloud operations are the imperatives for application and networking teams.  The Avi Platform provides an elastic, software-defined architecture for local and global load balancing, web application security, and container ingress services with consistent capabilities across heterogenous environments. 
Download the whitepaper to understand how to migrate from F5 Networks’ hardware load balancers to Avi software.  The paper outlines:
  • Avi’s proven 5-step migration process 
  • How to automate many common migration steps
  • How to handle iRules and convert most of them to simple configs
  • Best practices to minimize downtime during migrations