Three Myths that Cloud the Path to Modern SSL / TLS Encryption

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Ensure your data is protected.


As security breaches and vulnerabilities increase, enterprises must ensure their data is protected. As SSL / TLS encryption standards have improved significantly over the past few years, hardware load balancers cannot always provide the strongest protections with scale, security and visibility.

Bust 3 SSL / TLS Myths

This SSL / TLS data encryption whitepaper shows the critical importance of modern SSL / TLS encryption and decryption. In busting three popular myths, this paper examines the use of hardware vs. software for secure session encryption, the selection of network performance monitoring tools, and the performance and security implications of RSA versus ECC. Avi Networks not only provides the latest SSL and TLS encryption, but also delivers enterprise-grade visibility, ease of use, and reliability for all use cases.

  • Myth #1: Software cannot perform the SSL / TLS encryption process at scale.
  • Myth #2: Security does not affect network performance monitoring.
  • Myth #3: If I use RSA, my applications are safe