A Doyle Research Guide for Future-proofed Application Delivery Network Technology (Sponsored by VMware)

Disruption from the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation projects in many organizations. Multi-cloud application deployment and development with agile microservices has become a critical aspect of digital transformation. IT organizations need to rethink their networking architectures to support rapidly evolving application requirements and enable agile application delivery in 2021.

This Doyle Research White Paper discusses 8 application delivery tips for implementing successful load balancing architectures for modern applications, with the flexibility to adapt to changing application environments in 2021 and beyond – they include:

  1. Elasticity
  2. Observability
  3. Cloud-like Automation
  4. Multi-Cloud Consistency
  5. Central Orchestration
  6. Self-Healing
  7. Application Security
  8. Cost Saving

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