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May 22-23, London
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Join Avi Networks for a hands-on Architecture and Best Practices workshop

The two day workshop is free of charge.

The workshop will take the form of both lectures and hands on labs. Attendees should have a basic knowledge of networking and load balancing and will come away with a solid understanding of Avi's unique architecture and how it integrates into common use case and next generation architectures.

Seating is limited so book now.

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Just wanted to send out our thanks to you and the team at Avi for hosting us at your 2-day training session. Lots of great information. You guys have given me a much wider view of the potential for Avi usage beyond what we use the product for.
An attendee at the last meeting in the Bay Area

Our Agenda

Avi Components
Controllers, Service Engines and the VS object model.  Sizing requirements.  Highlight differences with legacy approaches.
Examine the nuances of deploying Avi Vantage in various cloud environments such as physical, virtual, containers, and public clouds.
Scaling Avi
Step by step look under the hood to scale capacity, provide high availability and enable hitless upgrades.
Global Site LB
IPAM and DNS service integration.  Global site load balancing.  Hybrid cloud and overflow datacenter use cases.
App Security
Secure applications via DDoS mitigation, SSL, Web Application Firewalls.  Also how to secure and harden Avi deployments.
APIs, YAML, Ansible, and all the REST.  Build out a complete Avi Vantage deployment in minutes with the push of a button.


Nathan McMahon

Solutions Architect

Nathan McMahon is a twenty year industry veteran in the load balancing market, having been in various customer facing roles since the late 90s. Nathan has been with Avi Networks since its inception, providing assistance to field engineering for high profile customers and environments. Prior to Avi, Nathan spent 13 years at F5 Networks in solution architect and customer advocacy roles. Nathan holds patents for load balancing and traffic distribution algorithms commonly used today.

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