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Join Avi Networks for a hands-on experience

These workshops will take the form of both lectures and hands on labs. Attendees should have a basic knowledge of networking and load balancing and will come away with a solid understanding of Avi's unique architecture and how it integrates into common use case and next generation architectures.

Multiple types of workshops offered:

1. Architecture and Best Practices Workshops

2. Training - Avi 101

3. Automation Workshops

4. Cisco ACI Workshops

Seating is limited so book now.

Architecture and Best Practices Two-Day Workshop

Presented by: 

Nathan McMahon, Solutions Architect

Avi Components: Controllers, Service Engines and the VS object model.  Sizing requirements.  Highlight differences with legacy approaches.

Clouds: Examine the nuances of deploying Avi Vantage in various cloud environments such as physical, virtual, containers, and public clouds.

Scaling Avi: Step by step look under the hood to scale capacity, provide high availability and enable hitless upgrades.

Global Site LB: IPAM and DNS service integration.  Global site load balancing.  Hybrid cloud and overflow datacenter use cases.

App Security: Secure applications via DDoS mitigation, SSL, Web Application Firewalls.  Also how to secure and harden Avi deployments.

Automation: APIs, YAML, Ansible, and all the REST.  Build out a complete Avi Vantage deployment in minutes with the push of a button.

Nathan McMahon

Customer Training - Avi 101

During an Avi 101 session, you will:

  • Better understand the architecture and operations of Avi Vantage
  • Learn manual self-service of basic ADC configurations
  • Apply load balancing features to increase application availability, performance, and security
  • Troubleshoot application performance issues
  • Troubleshoot Avi Vantage system and operational issues

One Day Automation Workshop

Tools of the Trade: Infrastructure as code tooling options

Ansible Basics: Leverage Ansible playbooks to automate

Avi Automation: APIs, Swagger, and options for Avi

Integration: Tying Avi to Ansible

Cloud Nuances: Deploy Avi in various cloud environments

Demo and Labs: Deploy an Avi Controller, deploy and modify virtual services


Just wanted to send out our thanks to you and the team at Avi for hosting us at your 2-day training session. Lots of great information. You guys have given me a much wider view of the potential for Avi usage beyond what we use the product for.
An attendee at the last meeting in the Bay Area