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Achieving a Scalable Application Security Stack

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Achieving Scalable Application Security Guide


Learn how to achieve modern and intelligent app security built as a comprehensive stack on a scalable, elastic platform in this application security white paper.

Application security threats resulting from web attacks are the most frequent type of breach occurring today. In 2020, attacks on web applications remained the primary external attack technique and around 90 percent of the “Top Hacking Vectors in Breaches” were executed through web applications.

The VMware NSX® Advanced Load Balancer™ (Avi Networks) allows organizations to approach application security as a comprehensive stack built on a scalable, elastic web application security software rather than piecing together disparate application security tools from various vendors. This approach enables an organization to defend against attacks from a single, high performance integrated web application security solution.

  • Learning mode for application behavior
  • Application analytics for WAF events based on historical trend information
  • OWASP Top 10 attack protection
  • Signatures protection against known application security threats
  • Guided false-positive security mitigation
  • Rate-limiting per app
  • RBAC support
  • Allow-list rules that allow bypassing WAF
  • Positive security for allowed application behavior

Download the application security white paper to learn how Avi delivers security as a comprehensive stack.