Citrix’s acquisition by private equity, and uncertainty around the products makes it a good time to explore alternatives to Citrix ADC (previously known as NetScaler). Choosing Avi as a replacement can simplify operations, provide consistent delivery and lower costs. 

Join our networking experts to hear about our cloud-ready load balancer with built-in elasticity, automation, and security, as well as an easy migration path from Citrix ADC that:

  • Eliminates capacity management challenges and overprovisioning
  • Manages traffic spikes with on-demand autoscaling
  • Deploys high performance virtual desktops in record time
  • Creates a Future-proof, single platform, for data center, cloud, and container-based apps
  • Provides visibility to application performance, security posture, and end user issues

There has never been a better time to learn more about how to modernize your application delivery. Watch the Migrating from Citrix ADC to a modern, cloud-ready load balancer webinar today by filling out the form on this page.