What has been happening with load balancing technology and what can we look forward to in the upcoming year?  Is Kubernetes integration going to become a dominant feature? How is the load balancer adapting to the evolving threat landscape with web application and API protection (WAAP)?  What is happing with TLS and how does mTLS impact your application designs?
Join us for an open conversation on where application delivery is today and what is going to impact it in the future.  We will discuss these topics and more to see how this critical technology is adapting along with the new architectures.  We will discuss industry trends that impact applications and talk about ones that have caught us off guard.  Hear our predictions for the upcoming year with our crystal ball and debate what technologies will change our designs.

  • Discover the key technology changes in the past year
  • Hear our experts discuss what you need to know in the future
  • Identify the key security advances that you must add

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