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What’s New in VMware’s Multi-Cloud Load Balancing and Application Services

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VMware recently announced NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) new release that includes key additions and enhancements for app security and ecosystem integrations. Enterprises have replaced over 12,000 legacy load balancers, with more than 5,000 load balancers since our last release.   

Join this webinar to learn what’s new with the latest release that is aligned with consumability, operational capability, upgradeability, and security: 
  • Simplify your network provisioning and consumption with VMware NSX ecosystem integrations 
  • Strengthen application security with bot management to detect bot traffic, determine its intent, and mitigate bad bots to optimize customer experience, protect digital assets, and prevent online fraud 
  • Deliver a consistent and reliable app delivery experience with public/hybrid cloud (Azure VMware Solution/Google Cloud VMware Engine)

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Md Abdul Aziz

Md Abdul Aziz, Technical Product Line Manager

Md Abdul Aziz is a Technical Product Line Manager for VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (formerly Avi Networks), where he drives the product roadmap, and competitive analysis for the NSX-T integration and L4 features. Aziz has over 15 years of industry experience in software development and product management for enterprise software products in Cloud and Data Center Networking. He graduated from IIIT-Hyderabad and holds patents in the field of Network Virtualization.


Christian Treutler, Product Owner Security

Christian Treutler, Application Security Expert and technology enthusiast, is a long-time security advocate with a focus on defending applications against threats in this hyper-connected world. In his position as Product Owner Security for VMware NSX-Advanced Load Balancer (formerly Avi Networks), he uses his engineering background to push the boundaries of what application defense can offer. He is especially interested in designing security tools that make DevSecOps jobs easier by enabling application defense through automation and better visibility of attacks.