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2022 State of Load Balancing

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Are you on trend with the future of load balancing? Applications no longer simply support the business, they are the business. Organizations are challenged by a growing number of applications across multiple environments. The need for consistent and secure applications in all environments demand modern load balancing and application services. 
Join us for a lively conversation on where the industry is today and how adjacent technologies may impact growth. We will share insights from survey results to provocative discussions with industry experts regarding load balancing today as well as how it may be impacted by automation, containers, service mesh, security, and other trends.
We will reveal some industry dynamics that surprised us and discuss growing trends our experts see in the market. Sample stats and topics include: 
  • Over 94% of enterprises have or will deploy apps via a multi-cloud environment by the end of 2023   
  • While over 79% of enterprises have or plan to have container-based applications in production in the next six months  
  • New automation trends based on easier, pre-packaged scripts are emerging 
  • Why API security and WAF are increasingly moving to the forefront of web application protection 
  • And finally, what has changed since our 2020 predictions regarding the future and adoption of DNS technologies such as HTTP3  
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Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Karen is a 15 year veteran of the software industry. She’s been the voice of the customer throughout her career, working with early adopters to bring new technologies to market then scaling these strategies for the mass market.

Nathan McMahon

Nathan McMahon, Global Sales Enablement Director

Nathan McMahon has 20 years of load balancing expertise and runs Avi Networks' in-person training workshops around the globe. He was the Solution Architect at F5 Networks for more than 12 years before joining the founding team at Avi Networks.