In today’s business world, successful application delivery and business continuity are often used interchangeably. In the face of unforeseen outages, it is of upmost importance to have a robust, targeted, and well-tested DR plan that minimizes the impact to your business's bottom line and enable enterprises globally to securely deliver applications with resiliency, availability, and reliability.  
In this webinar, we will focus our attention on how VMware's NSX Advanced Load Balancer with GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) and its innovative cloud services implementation removes the need for expensive and error prone hardware-based pre-provisioning. In addition, the modern centralized licensing service (PULSE) for automation and failover contingency planning ensures licensing management is automatically addressed without the need for provisioning additional redundant licenses.  

Topics covered in this webinar: 
  • Simplicity of GSLB deployment - An Architectural Overview 
  • Operational simplicity with central licensing: A quick overview and why you do not need a duplicate set of licenses in mission critical events 
  • DR done right: A revolutionary approach to DR with a short Demo 

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