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Securing Web Applications with Deep Automation by VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

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LIVE: Thursday, November 21st at 8:00AM (PT)

Application security requires a high degree of automation, however making security decisions can be very difficult. Deploying and securing web applications gets further complicated in public clouds for load balancing and web application firewall. We show the importance of applying visibility, end-to-end orchestration and decision automation to different layers of application security. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • AI / ML based analytics for automating decisions
  • Automated canary deployments for application security
  • VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) use cases

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Ashutosh Gupta

About the Speaker

Ashutosh Gupta is Lead Engineer for Analytics at Avi Networks (now part of VMware), which offers Cloud-Native, SDN based Application Delivery and Firewall solutions. He is focussing on problems in Application Security and Continuous Delivery space and stays optimistic that ML/AI techniques will transform these domains.

Gaurav Rastogi

About the Speaker

Gaurav Rastogi is Sr. Director, Engineering at Avi Networks (now part of VMware). Avi Networks brings the benefits of hyperscale application delivery to every enterprise, at any scale. He leads Analytics, UI, and automation services team to build deep automation solutions to deploy and secure cloud applications.