Best Practices for Production-ready Microservices Apps

Microservices architectures are increasingly popular with developers and application architects – they break large monolithic applications that are “too big to fail” into bite-sized components that can be independently deployed and updated without causing significant outages. The goal is faster app roll outs and updates. Light-weight container based infrastructures such as Docker and Mesos are a natural fit for microservices.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • How to automate application services for container based apps  
  • Gain visibility to application components and their interactions
  • Achieve security through micro-segmentation, DDoS protection, SSL, and L4-L7 policies

Duration: 45 mins (30 mins followed by Q&A)  

About our SpeakerGuru Chahal  Prior to joining Avi Networks as the Vice President of Product, Guru was an investor at Lightspeed Venture Partners, where he focused on networking, security, cloud, data analytics, and infrastructure management. Before his work with LSVP, Guru was the Director of Product Management at Cisco Systems for the Unified Computing System product line - a multi-billion dollar business for Cisco.