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Learn about modern application delivery from experts using a hands-on approach with these free load balancing workshops. Whether you are new to load balancing concepts, or a seasoned practitioner, you will find both introductory and advanced application delivery workshop sessions.



The Multi-Cloud Load Balancing 101 Workshop

This 90-minute introduction workshop includes a hands-on lab.

Learn modern load balancing with interactive Q&A (30 mins)

Experience the hands-on lab environment and explore use cases (1 hour):

Learn the basics of modern load balancing and why the new way of delivery is essential to scale. Discover how to create automated and consistent deployments across data centers and public clouds.

Nathan McMahon


Nathan McMahon, Solutions Architect

Nicolas Bayle


Nicolas Bayle, Technical Evangelist

Architecture Workshop

Learn from networking experts online for four consecutive half days (4 hours/day). The workshop is divided between interactive lectures with Q&A and hands-on lab experience.

Day 1

Avi Architecture

  • Introduction to Avi
  • Controller
  • Service Engine
Day 2

Deploying Avi

  • Components
  • Installation
  • Upgrade
  • Networking Clouds
Day 3


  • Management
  • Securing Avi
  • SSL
  • WAF
Day 4

Use Cases

  • GSLB
  • Analytics
  • Automation

Upcoming Load Balancing Workshops

Migration Workshop

Load Balancing Migration Workshop

October 30, 2023
starting at 10:00AM (PT)
Best for: AMER

October 30, 2023

Load Balancing Migration Workshop

A virtual workshop focusing on migration from legacy hardware load balancers.