Why It’s Time to Upgrade to Modern Load Balancers

Rocket Fuel for Virtual IPs in Minutes

Take command of your application and VIP deployment with revolutionary automation from VMware NSX® Advanced Load BalancerTM.

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Deploy Virtual IPs in Minutes for New Applications

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Legacy Load Balancers


Days to weeks to provision new VIPs makes app teams unhappy


Multiple tickets with various teams, review delays and HW capacity check


Complex configs, even basic features require writing complex TCL scripts

Growing Pains

Delays continue to worsen with more apps, clouds, and data centers

NSX® Advanced Load Balancer™


Only a few minutes to provision new VIPs to deploy apps faster


Self-service and built in automation to reduce tickets

Easy Peasy

Simple UI based configs and advanced features enabled by default for rapid deployment

Take Control

Modernize now by deploying VMware NSX® Advanced Load BalancerTM.