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With the growing adoption of container ecosystems, Kubernetes and OpenShift are becoming easy and popular choices for enterprises today. This Master Class is full of technical deep dives and demos. Explore one or all three modules and learn about key topics around Kubernetes deployment from Avi Networks cloud experts and become a Kubernetes Ninja!

Application services such as load balancing, security, and analytics become critical for continuous delivery.
This module - Web Application Security for Continuous Delivery Pipelines - shows you how you can quickly apply security policies including SSL/TLS, ACLs, IP Reputation, and web application firewall (WAF) to secure modern web applications.

Watch this module to learn:

  • CI/CD in the web application security context
  • Challenges and solutions integrating a modern web application firewall (WAF) into the application development pipeline
  • How to create processes that support both security and development requirements

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Christian Treutler

About the Speaker

Christian Treutler, application security expert and technology enthusiast, is a long time security advocate with a focus on defending applications against threats in this hyperconnected world. In his position as Product Manager Security for Avi Networks, he is especially interested in designing security tools that make DevSecOps jobs easier by enabling application defense through automation and better visibility of attacks.