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Enabling Remote Employees with Horizon VDI and Avi Networks

Enterprises are rushing to enable their remote workforce with virtual desktops and applications need a robust load balancing solution to deliver VDI quickly in any data center or cloud. Waiting to procure appliance-based load balancers or compromising with limited virtual load balancers is not an option for business continuity. 

Avi Networks, Now a part of VMware offers The NSX Advanced Load Balancer which is a full-featured, multi-cloud, software-defined platform that delivers distributed load balancing with on-demand elasticity and pinpoint application and end-user analytics.

With Avi, VMware Horizon customers can deliver VDI in record time while simplifying their operations, reducing troubleshooting time, and saving costs.

Watch Now, and learn how to:

  • Simplify your infrastructure and operations to deliver virtual desktops and apps
  • Troubleshoot end-user experience issues with point and click simplicity
  • Eliminate costly over-provisioning of load balancers and save costs for VDI deployments
  • Deploy load balancing consistently for virtual desktops in any cloud environment

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