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View one or all six of the recorded sessions to get your answers to load balancing, cloud, VDI, and application security from experts across VMware (Horizon Cloud, Avi Networks, VeloCloud and Microsoft

The unprecedented global situation caused by COVID-19 has created an instant need for employees to work at home – large numbers of remote employees now need quick access to their desktops and apps to continue their work and keep our economies flowing, despite the pandemic.

Never has the need to standup infrastructure in record time for virtual desktops and apps come into such sharp focus. Get a blueprint for the fastest path to reliably and securely empower remote workers and minimize business disruptions. 

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In addition, we will tell you about VMware's complete solution now available for a  90-day extended trial.  You can deploy it virtually and it includes 3rd generation load balancing and Horizon 7 or Horizon for cloud.  Start now, pay later when you love it.

Recordings Available:

Session 1

Multi-Cloud Load Balancing for Fast, Reliable Virtual Desktops and Apps

Session 2

Turn-Key Load Balancing for Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Session 3 

See Modern, Cloud-Native Load Balancing in Action

Session 4

Getting the Most Out of Windows Virtual Desktop with VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Session 5

Extending SD-WAN to Azure with VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud

Session 6

Achieve Business Continuity with Azure VMware Solution