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Reconsider TCPdump and Move Forward with Modern Troubleshooting

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Watch the live recording of NetworkWorld and Avi Networks joint webinar.


Are you tired of troubleshooting with TCPdump on your traditional load balancers?

Avi Networks has a modern load balancing platform to the rescue. Learn how you can reconsider your decades-old CPU-intensive logging tools – and gain intuitive, real-time analytics, faster time-to-resolution, modern SSL / TLS encryption, and (most importantly) happy IT teams focused on delivering applications.

Watch this Avi webinar to learn:

  • Why TCPdump should be your tool of last resort
  • How headers compressed with HTTP/2, PFS, and distributed systems have rendered certain tools useless
  • How you can replace TCPdump with intelligent logs and analytics
  • How to future proof your troubleshooting tools with HTTP/3, TLS 1.3, containers and Kubernetes

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