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State of Load Balancing 2020

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Continue to see the rise of multi-cloud and microservices.

2019 has been an eventful year for load balancing. Avi Networks is acquired by VMware, who enters the application delivery controller (ADC) market with a software load balancer, web application firewall and container ingress solution. NGINX is acquired by F5 Networks, hoping to tap into the developer communities. We continue to see the rise of multi-cloud and microservices as the leading drivers behind changes in modern load balancing solutions.

In this webinar, we explore three technology areas:

  • A new perspective on “service chain” – how it helps integrate adjacent technologies with APIs to form a self-service portal
  • Implications of HTTP3 on the future – why it is interesting to the load balancing industry in particular
  • An early prediction on DNS over HTTPS (DoH) – why it can enhance the security, scale and resiliency of the internet

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About the Speaker

Nathan McMahon has 20 years of load balancing expertise and runs Avi Networks' in-person training workshops around the globe. He was the Solution Architect at F5 Networks for more than 12 years before joining the founding team at Avi Networks.