Traditional ADCs force organizations into proprietary and expensive hardware-based appliances even as application needs are evolving and to improve SLAs to internal customers. This not only increases TCO but also does not provide a uniform architecture for on-premises and cloud deployments.

Before you commit to an expensive multi-year license and maintenance contract, it is important to consider key questions and what they will mean for the future of application services in your enterprise.

  • Can I provision VIPs in minutes in any data center, private, or public cloud?
  • Can I scale my load balancers and my backend application servers on-demand?
  • How can I get real-time insights and visibility into application traffic?

In just 30 minutes, you will learn how a software-defined load balancing architecture can play an expanded role in delivering and scaling web applications across clouds, providing performance insights, and application services automation - all at great cost savings.