Application delivery infrastructure is a critical component of modern digital enterprises. For far too long, network teams have relied on hardware load balancing appliances that are “too important” to fail and deployed as inefficient, active-standby pairs in order to support high availability. What if you could rethink resiliency and high-availability for load balancing with a fundamentally different approach? In this new model, load balancing is delivered as a software-defined flexible fabric that is centrally orchestrated. The failure of any one load balancer does not cause a middle-of-the-night call and war-rooms to troubleshoot application issues or to recover.

In this webinar and demo, learn about:

  • How to deliver scalable and resilient load balancing
  • Self-healing application services
  • Automatic anomaly detection/notification, for better visibility and autoscaling
  • Proactive support case management before potential failure
  • Building digital enterprise strategy with load balancing

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