With modern technologies on the rise, enterprises are increasingly favoring container orchestration platforms like Red Hat OpenShift for their flexibility and developer-centric features. Unfortunately, traditional application delivery controllers (ADCs) limit microservices architectures with inflexible architecture, static capacities, and lack of enterprise-grade features.

With Avi, you can harness the potential of modern container services with a full-featured application services platform that offers multi-cloud load balancing, analytics, observability and visibility, automation, security, and much more.

View this webinar to understand:

  • Motivation and architecture behind container orchestration platforms like Red Hat OpenShift
  • Integration between OpenShift and Avi’s Elastic Service Mesh based on the Avi Vantage Platform
  • Use cases including North-South/East-West traffic management, multi-cloud deployments, and more

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Ranga Rajagopalan
CTO / Co-Founder


Jason Dobies
Principal Technical Marketing Manager