Prevent Threats with Analytics-Driven Web Application Firewall

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In order to secure modern web applications and effectively prevent attacks, security policies including SSL/TLS, ACLs, IP Reputation, and web application firewall (WAF) need to be automated and applied consistently. Explore how Avi Vantage, now VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer, provides central control for security policies with a software-defined architecture, and enables agile application security that aligns with DevOps practices.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • WAF capabilities including positive security model (PSM) to improve security posture
  • Modeling application behavior through learning mode to autotune security policies
  • A case study with Swisslos on how WAF helps secure their lottery application

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Christian Treutler

Christian Treutler, Security Ninja

Christian Treutler, application security expert and technology enthusiast, is a long time security advocate with focus on defending applications against threats in this hyperconnected world. As a Staff Engineer Security at VMware, he is especially interested in designing security tools that make DevSecOps jobs easier by enabling application defense through automation and better visibility of attacks.