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Advanced Web Application Security with an Intelligent WAF

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Deploy WAF to secure your apps.

Web application attacks are becoming #1 in terms of breaches. It’s critical to deploy web application firewall (WAF) to secure your applications. However, 90% of organizations find it complex. Why?

Avi Networks, now part of VMware, offers advanced load balancing and intelligent WAF to address three top challenges: policy complexity, lack of visibility and low performance. You will learn about:

  • An optimized security pipeline composed of whitelist, positive security and signature engines
  • An analytics-driven close loop that allows automatic application learning to create policies
  • A comprehensive security stack from L4/L7 firewall and DDoS protection to rate limiting and WAF
  • An elastic fabric to autoscale or burst capacity into cloud in case of unpredictable traffic loads

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Ashutosh Gupta

About the Speaker

Ashutosh Gupta is Lead Engineer for Analytics at Avi Networks (now part of VMware), which offers Cloud-Native, SDN based Application Delivery and Firewall solutions. He is focussing on problems in Application Security and Continuous Delivery space and stays optimistic that ML/AI techniques will transform these domains.