Application availability is a critical function of load balancing but a pain to get it right. The reality is you don't get to test (or wish you don't have to activate) it too often. However, an HA system should deliver: faster failover with reasonable efficiency, autoscaling, session mirroring and self-healing resiliency. In this webinar, we will re-introduce HA as an intertwined concept as well as some best practices - what if you can redesign HA with a modern load balancing platform?

Here are some of the HA requirements to consider:

  • Architectural considerations for various HA options
  • Moving away from expensive Active / Standby load balancing pairs to an elastic Active / Active load balancing fabric
  • The importance to separate control plane and data plane HA
  • Four HA modes: legacy A/S, elastic A/A, elastic N+M, and elastic N+0

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