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Multi-Cloud Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) with Avi Networks

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GSLB has been traditionally deployed across multi-site data centers for disaster recovery and faster app response time. Increasingly, GSLB is applied across on-prem data centers and public clouds to better serve geo-distributed users. However cloud load balancing is lacking in terms of enterprise-class GSLB support. With distributed containerized applications and microservices deployed in Kubernetes clusters, visibility and health monitoring becomes ever more critical.

In this webinar, learn how Avi Vantage:

  • Support DR scenarios for both Active / Standby and Active / Active applications
  • Provision centrally with automated discovery of applications across sites
  • Perform non-disruptive migration / expansion / consolidation of data centers
  • Address use cases: multi-cloud deployments, cloud bursting, and site failure handling / recovery

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About the Speaker

Ashwin is a Senior Product Manager at Avi Networks. He was a Senior Product Manager at IBM for endpoint security products. With over 15 years of experience in 50+ enterprise software products, he has written several technical articles and published several patents. He holds a MS in Computer Science and an MBA from Duke University.


About the Speaker

Mittali is a technical marketing engineer at Avi Networks. She specializes in load balancing, CDN and security solutions with a focus on GSLB and L7 features. She works on the design, architecture and validation across multiple ecosystems.