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Bringing Application Delivery Automation Solutions in a Multi-Cloud World

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The ability to deliver applications consistently across hybrid and multi-cloud environments is becoming increasingly important for digital business. Network and infrastructure teams are turning to highly automated deployments to support aggressive application roll out schedules and CI/CD pipelines. In this webinar, we explore the foundation of decision automation and orchestration for load balancers and application services by asking:

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is the difference between “decision automation” and “task scripting” for application delivery
  • How do you automate across heterogeneous networks with different constructs and capabilities
  • What is the architecture needed for application delivery to support day-0 operation
  • What is required for day-n+ to automate the full lifecycle of application services
  • How Avi delivers complete lifecycle automation with the ultimate lifecycle automation solutions

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About the Speaker

Chandra Sekar, Senior Director, Product Marketing of VMware, Avi Networks now part of VMware. Chandra Sekar brings many years of experience in marketing, product management, and engineering for enterprise software to his marketing leadership role. Prior to Avi Networks now part of VMware, he was Head of Product Marketing at Illumio Inc. Before that, he led enterprise mobility marketing efforts at Citrix Systems as Senior Director for the mobile business unit and the XenMobile product line.