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Deploy Secure, Scalable Kubernetes Apps with Service Mesh and Ingress Services

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Join us June 15, 2021 at 10:00AM (CET) 

As enterprises modernize and build container-based Kubernetes applications, they are confronted with a lab-to-production gap that challenges their ability to operationalize the applications. App teams need to be in sync with networking and operations teams from quickly developing and validating Kubernetes applications in dev environments to deploying the applications to productions environments.

Is there a better approach than piecing together a mishmash of legacy or open-source tools that are disjointed and operationally complex? How can you deploy secure Kubernetes applications across hybrid cloud environments? And how can you provide a path to app modernization for your enterprise by bridging traditional and modern application components?

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Close the gap from lab-to-production and operationalize the deployment of heterogenous apps.
  • Consolidate multi-cloud, north-south application delivery services using Avi including enterprise-grade L4 load balancing, ingress controller, GSLB, web application security, and powerful observability.
  • Automate running distributed apps with secure east-west connectivity provided by Tanzu Service Mesh (TSM) within and across Kubernetes clusters and VM environments, full-service visibility, encryption, and authorization services.
  • Learn how TSM for east-west and Avi for north-south enables connectivity, security, and observability for the Kubernetes apps.

About the Speaker

Manish is an innovative thought leader with 20+ years of extensive experience in architecting and developing highly scalable enterprise solutions. As Enterprise Technologist, he is focused on driving VMware’s strategy in the Service Mesh space. Prior to joining VMware, Manish was the CTO - Cloud Infrastructure and Microservices at Avi Networks (now part of VMware).

Bhushan Pai

About the Speaker

Bhushan Pai is an automation enthusiast, interested in designing and verifying product integrations. As a Solutions Architect at Avi Networks, he focuses on container ecosystems and builds demo environments to showcase .