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Deep Automation Services & Machine Learning Driven Analytics for Application Services

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Do you want to simplify capacity planning, web application security, and continuous delivery? The secret sauce for application delivery automation is deep intelligence. Avi Networks’ multi-cloud application services include software-defined load balancing, security, and analytics across on-prem data centers and public clouds.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The “Deep Automation” framework
  • Its application in three use cases: autoscaling, WAF, and CI/CD
  • How to apply ML principals and rich analytics to automate application delivery

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About the Speaker: Gaurav Rastogi is Sr. Director of Engineering at Avi Networks. He works on the architecture of inline and streaming analytics that provides end-to-end visibility, insights, and autoscaling for cloud applications. He is a frequent speaker at OpenStack Summit and other industry events.