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Thanks for taking part at our Kubernetes Master Class!
With the growing adoption of container ecosystems, Kubernetes and OpenShift are becoming easy and popular choices for enterprises today. This Master Class is full of technical deep dives and demos. Explore one or all three modules and learn about key topics around Kubernetes deployment from Avi Networks cloud experts and become a Kubernetes Ninja!

This module - Container Application Services with Kubernetes - will look at the bigger picture,  by exploring all the components necessary to deploy a production-ready container-based application.

Watch & learn the following:

  • Review how containers and microservices have changed traditional application delivery
  • Take a deeper look into application service deployment considerations in Kubernetes
  • Understand the 'North-South' and 'East-West' nature of microservices
  • Learn how the Avi fits into this ecosystem - working either alongside or replacing Kube-proxy

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Kubernetes Master Class

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About the Speaker

Pavan Kaushik is an application and data centre networking professional with particular interests in modern application architectures. As a Product Management Engineer, he focuses on application services in container and microservices environments. He works on the design, architecture, and validation across multiple ecosystems.