Deploy Microservices with Enterprise Grade Application Services using Red Hat OpenShift and Avi Networks


With modern technologies on the rise, enterprises are increasingly favoring container orchestration platforms like Red Hat OpenShift for their flexibility and developer-centric features. Unfortunately, traditional application delivery controllers (ADCs) limit microservices architectures with inflexible architecture, static capacities, and lack of enterprise-grade features.

With Avi, you can harness the potential of modern container services with a full-featured application services platform that offers multi-cloud load balancing, analytics, observability and visibility, automation, security, and much more.

View this webinar to understand:

  • Motivation and architecture behind container orchestration platforms like Red Hat OpenShift
  • Integration between OpenShift and Avi’s Elastic Service Mesh based on the Avi Vantage Platform
  • Use cases including North-South/East-West traffic management, multi-cloud deployments, and more

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Ranga Rajagopalan
CTO / Co-Founder


Jason Dobies
Principal Technical Marketing Manager