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Rethink App Delivery - Replace F5 with VMware Advanced Load Balancing

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Applications are the currency of digital business, and enterprises are committed to speeding up their ability to roll out new apps and updates. Legacy load balancingarchitectures are rigid, hard to manage and automate and not designed for the cloud and containers. With a software-defined architecture, load balancers arefinally aligned with the speed & agility requirements placed on your team.   

In this Summit, we discuss the steps in your modernization journey towards secure multi-cloud operations, supporting modern container-based applications, andintegrating application delivery into your CICD processes. You will learn: 

  • Why enterprises are switching from legacy hardware load balancers 
  • What benefits are achieved with agile, cloud-friendly application delivery 
  • How to migrate step-by-step to VMware’s advanced load balancing platform 
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Enterprises Have Replaced Over 12,000 ADC Appliances – See Why

Many customers have discovered that with a modern load balancing architecture, they can unleash the power of full automation, on-demand elasticity, and simplified operations. Key topics covered:
- Avoid capacity management challenges and stop overprovisioning
- Manage traffic spikes with elastic autoscaling
- Ensure application availability everywhere by deploying GSLB

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App Delivery Requires Speed & Agility
- Is Load Balancing an Obstacle?

Gaps in application delivery capabilities have come into sharp focus as IT modernizes to deploy applications rapidly in the data center, migrates to clouds, and delivers self-service to app teams. Learn why IT teams are choosing to migrate from their hardware or virtual ADCs, such F5, to the VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer. Hear from the experts on how to close the gap for app delivery while mirroring the agility of the public cloud in any environment. Key topics:
- Top 5 DevOps principles for load balancing
- A new way for orchestration, elasticity, resiliency, automation and observability
- Old vs. New: a day in the life of a network and platform engineer

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De-Risk Load Balancer Migrations - Tips & Tricks

Migrations can be tricky if you don’t approach it correctly. In this deep-dive demo session will cover best practices on how to streamline the migration from legacy appliance-based load balancers to a modern, multi-cloud load balancer – VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks). Our expert will cover automation tooling for migrations, iRules conversion, simplified configs, common mistakes and pitfalls, and when to leverage professional services.

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