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7 Considerations Before Your F5 Load Balancer Refresh

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Consider an F5 Load Balancer Alternative Before You Refresh


This white paper outlines the key considerations that you should evaluate before you refresh your F5 load balancer or F5 load balancer alternative, and highlights the experiences of global enterprises including TCO savings that they achieved by deploying the Avi Vantage Platform.

Traditional ADCs (Application Delivery Controller) vendors such as F5 Networks have done little to address the needs of modern applications and cloud-native use cases.

Some of the key challenges and considerations of F5 load balancer features addressed in this white paper include:

  • Not architected for cloud-native applications with lots of east-west traffic
  • Proprietary hardware leads to expensive overprovisioning without elastic scalability
  • Cannot scale up or down in response to traffic and without manual intervention
  • Lack of consistent architecture for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud use cases

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