Applications are the cornerstones of digital business. IT infrastructures have modernized to meet the application requirements with the adoption of software-defined infrastructure (SDI) to centrally manage and automate the compute, storage and networking required for the applications while providing a consistent experience across on-premises datacenters and private and public clouds.

Read how IDC examines the full-stack digital infrastructure, supporting distributed hybrid and multicloud environments with complimentary integration of software-defined load balancing via VMware’s Avi Load Balancer and the VMware Cloud Foundation platform. Read the report to learn:

  • What key investments must be made to ensure future digital infrastructure success
  • How an integrated application delivery infrastructure can improve application performance and visibility
  • Why NSX Avi Load Balancer with VMware Cloud Foundation can achieve scale and digital resiliency through intelligent traffic distribution while optimizing application experience and providing a stronger security posture

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Source: IDC #US50601323